Asvadek Comment Policy

Notes to be made:
Warnings do not exist for this system as we are on a stand-by basis of zero tolerance. Rules are posted and they are more than enough known regardless if you yourself know or not.

Set rules: rules with no conditional rules and have zero tolerance.
Defined rules: rules that are absolute.
Conditional rules: rules that cover "grey areas" and can be excluded from defined rules.
Rules crossed out: Temporary nullified and is no longer in effect.

*Conditional rules can be dictated by the moderator at hand for whether or not a ban passes. Should they decide that the content does infringe the conditional rule, they are allowed to take appropriate action.

  1. Spoilers are NOT permitted at all. Spoilers are vital or significant information that contributes heavily to the story, plot, episode, chapter, and/or series.
    ・Given Information are not spoilers. For example; if say, in chapter 2 or episode 2, they literally say they're going to war and in chapter 3 or episode 3, they go to war? That isn't necessarily a spoiler to us. It's a given information.
  2. Fake spoilers are discouraged. If you've been banned once, we'll only lift it once.
  3. Spoiler tags do NOT protect you at all and are NOT permitted at all despite it being available.
  4. Spoilers of future content posted on a summary page is not permitted.
  5. Spoilers of future content posted on a discussion page is not permitted.
    ・Spoilers that happened on a previous or current episode are allowed. Example; spoiler of what previously happened on episode 8 being posted on episode 9.
  6. Spoilers content from another series is not permitted. (ex. don't give away the ending of an anime on a different anime's comment section.)


Yes, we know there will be an occasion where even the show itself says they're going to war with so-and-so. It's when you reveal important information that is vital to the plot that we purge you for. Such as revealing "who the killer is" or "who was that mysterious man?"

Any vital/significant information that spoils the plot, series, episode, or chapter will be dealt with harshly. We're not impressed just because you know what happens and the rest don't. It doesn't make you any more special than anyone else or more intelligent than another.


  1. No advertisements such as posting links or directing users to other streaming site services or manga viewing sites and such.
    ・Light Novel links are excluded from this rule.
    ・Anime news and news in general are excluded from this rule. Example; MyAnimeList Library & Crunchyroll news page.

  1. Flaming is not tolerated at all.
  2. Harassment is not tolerated at all.
  3. Any form of discrimination is not tolerated at all. Racism, sexism, etc.
  4. Inappropriate sexual behavior. We don't want to know how a certain character or series makes you get taller by only half a centimeter. We don't want to know about how you're in heat because you can't get any in real life.

  1. Spamming is not tolerated at all. We want you to converse with one another, not spam to xx amounts as a goal with one word comments and so forth.
  2. Excessive off-topic comments are considered spam. Comments need to be related to the page they are on. Episode countdowns and episode specific related comments are not to be posted on title pages.
  3. Adult and hentai content is not permitted at all.
    ・I'm very aware that there are certain manga and anime out there that border line adult material or are in fact "smut" or basically hentai. These condition rules apply along with other rules.
    ・Certain series that contain sexual content must follow all rules.
    ・Keep it civil, mature, and on-topic.
    ・Any uncivil, provocative, unchecked, or inappropriate sexual behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Multiple accounts will not be tolerated at all.
  2. Multiple role playing accounts will not be tolerated at all.

  1. Attempting to abuse the voting system and its original intentions will not be tolerated at all.
  2. Requesting for upvotes or downvotes of one's own self or of certain user(s) will not be tolerated at all.
  3. Abuse of the flagging system will be especially dealt with harshly.
  4. Abuse of the voting system to become top commenter will be especially dealt with harshly.
  5. Falsely flagging and reporting will be especially dealt with harshly.

  1. Copying a users' analysis, opinion, and perspective and claiming such as ones own is forbidden.
    ・Citing the original comments author and so forth is allowed if you wish to post an opinion, analysis, and so forth that is NOT ones own.
  2. Copy and pasted "popular" comments for the sole purpose and gain of up-votes is strictly forbidden under the rules of Abuse of Disqus System; rules 1 and 4.
  3. To report plagiarism, please use the Report User(s) format.

Basic ban - username and email is banned.
・You may create a new Disqus account using a new username and email.
IP ban - Internet Protocol address blacklisted from the Disqus comment system.
Purging - Ban from all Disqus system that are used within all sites which may include a basic or IP ban. All of the user's content however, will be erased effective immediately.

Note: accounts less than 30 days old and/or with little activity will not be documented. A ban appeal for such case will not be possible either.

Moderators are human too and we can possibly miss a problematic user. In such cases, please report them using this simplified and organized format listed below or you may also flag the comment which will notify us moderators of such offender when we're in the admin panel.

⊷Your Disqus Username (the name after the @ symbol on your disqus profile).
⊷Reason for the reporting.
⊷Location of the offending comment or incident.
⊷Link to the comment (from the share icon under the comment, copy and paste the link here).
⊷Direct link to the offender(s) Disqus profile.

⊷My Username: Random User
⊷Reason: Spoiler on Re:zero
⊷Location: Re:zero episode 22
⊷Link to Comment:
⊷Offenders Profile Link:

To appeal a ban and/or report a user, refer to this link.
Note: refer to the ABUSE OF DISQUS SYSTEM set rules. Falsifying reports will result into your Disqus account being Terminated.

In an event of moderator abuse.

  1. Please report any abuse of power by a moderator to another or multiple moderators.
  2. Please get the attention of Community Managers @Asvadek and @Tangsan99
  3. Provide screen shot evidence of the incident and occurrence.
  4. Provide a detailed report of the incident and whomever is involved.
Notes to be made:
Any questions, comments, or concerns to be made about Disqus, please do not message the official Facebook messages or AsvadekAdmin. Those forms of communication are strictly for site technical help. Please ask for the moderators or the community managers.

Note: refer to the ABUSE OF DISQUS SYSTEM set rules. Falsifying reports will result into your Disqus account being terminated.

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